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The heart and soul of any city lies in the homes that line its streets, and Waterloo, Iowa is no exception. Here at Jackson Remodeling & Repair LLC, we are committed to bringing a fresh breath of life to these homes, with tailored remodeling solutions designed to reflect the charm and character of this vibrant city.

As a local company serving Waterloo, we are intimately familiar with the architectural styles that make up our city’s residential landscape. We understand that each home tells a story, and we take great care to respect and enhance that story through our remodeling projects. Whether it’s a historic property longing for revitalization or a modern home seeking an innovative upgrade, we bring our expertise and passion to every project.

Choosing Jackson Remodeling & Repair LLC in Waterloo means choosing quality, dedication, and a deep understanding of the local character. We are more than a remodeling company; we are part of the community. Our team doesn’t just work in Waterloo – we live here, and we love this city.

We approach each project with the understanding that we’re not just enhancing a building; we’re improving the quality of life for the families who live there. Your home is more than just a property – it’s a space for growth, comfort, and making memories, and we take our role in enhancing this space very seriously.

Experience the difference of remodeling with a team that cares about your home as much as you do. With Jackson Remodeling & Repair LLC, you’ll find a partner dedicated to transforming your Waterloo home into a space that truly reflects you.

Let’s create something beautiful together in Waterloo, Iowa. Welcome to the next level of home remodeling with Jackson Remodeling & Repair LLC.

Commercial Services

Commercial Carpentry

Our team specializes in carpentry, interior and exterior doors, cabinetry, moldings and much more.

Commercial Drywall

Our professional drywall installers specialize in drywall and drywall finishes. You will get high quality work that matches your budget. No job is too big or too small!

Commercial Remodeling Services

We keep everything here simple and to the point. We want you to be stress-free and know that we are going to get your commercial remodeling job done the right way.

Commercial Painting

If you are looking for high quality painting services, we have you covered. Our team can help repair and restore your property to its original beauty with our professional services.

Commercial Cabinetry

Let our team transform the way your businesses interior appears to customers with our fine cabinetry and custom work. Here at Jackson Remodeling & Repair LLC, we provide our finest high-quality commercial carpentry services in Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding areas.

Residential Services

Residential Tiling

We know the tile in your home can take a beating. Our experts are highly experienced, well equipped and ready to get your tile project started today!

Residential Carpentry

Our carpentry team constructs many high-quality pieces, making every detail matter when it comes to your unique design. We create through your vision!

Residential Basement Finishing

Enhance your home with a completed basement. You can rely on Jackson Remodeling & Repair to bring life to your basement making it a frequently used space.

Residential Drywall

At Jackson Remodeling & Repair, our team can professionally provide our drywall install services in Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding areas.

Residential Bathroom Remodeling

You can count on Jackson Remodeling & Repair to perform all of your bathroom remodeling in Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding areas.

Residential Kitchen Remodeling

You can count on Jackson Remodeling & Repair to perform all of your kitchen remodeling in Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding areas.

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